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Residential Testimonials

Residential Sale, Leasing and Management Service Rendered

I wanted to let you know how very happy I am with your service. Not only did you help us purchase our home, but when we moved out of our home you helped us rent it quickly. When we wanted to sell the property you sold it. Not only did you sell it, but you did it quickly and what seemed with ease. The most important thing is that you got us the price that we wanted and the timing could not have been better. In addition to that, when we wanted the tenants to vacate early, so that we could sell the house you made that happen as well. You took care of everything. You are everything that a good real-estate agent should be. Thank you very much.

- S. R. San Diego, Ca

Residential Sale, Purchase and Mortgage Service Provided

I just want to tell you how happy I am with your services. You’ve sold my home, you’ve sold me another, you’ve financed and refinanced my property and every time you have shown me your professionalism, ethics and you really seem to be a step ahead through out each transaction, that’s amazing. I was especially impressed when you found not only one mortgage for me but two at the same time so that we would be sure to close on time. I felt very comfortable and confident that we would close on time and we did. Now you are helping me find a new office. It doesn’t seem there is anything in real estate that you don’t do! Thank you very much for your help. I know that when you are working on something for me it will get done and done right.

- D.A. San Diego, Ca.

Residential Sales, Purchase and Mortgage Service Rendered

Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial as to how happy both my husband and I are with your real-estate services. Comparing the service you provided to the service we received from the broker who originally sold us our home there is no comparison. You were always a step ahead of both transactions (the sale of our La Jolla home and the purchase of our Mission Hills home). I felt totally comfortable that you had side checked all of the documents before we signed them. You had the answers to all of our questions and you orchestrated the sale and the purchase so they both came off without a hitch. This was not a straightforward transaction; with multiple offers and buyers for our La Jolla home and the necessity of renting it back from the new owner. In addition you put at least $65,000 back into our pockets on the purchase of our Mission Hills Home through careful negotiation. Helping us arrange financing as well as getting us construction bids for our new home shows me that you are full service. Even down to being sure we had set aside funds for moving and new furniture. Your service, professionalism and business ethics are second to none. Thank you so much for all your help.

- S.N. San Diego, Ca.

Residential Sales and Purchase and Mortgage Service Rendered

We have now closed escrow and my wife and I and my sister would like to express our thanks to you for your outstanding performance and professional handling of the sale of our house in La Jolla. First of all, we did our own selection of agencies and we selected your services over seven other Real Estate Professionals. You made us feel the most comfortable due to your easy to understand business approach and knowledge of real estate. Secondly, when it came to establishing a price you suggested we price the house so as not to leave anything on the table to achieve our goals for selling, and to net the most for the sale. Your approach realized us at least 15% more from the sale than if we had used another approach. With your recommendations we effortlessly reviewed many others in just a few days after the listing. With your help we waited out the early offers and got the highest one with a solid buyer, nearly half cash. All during this buyers market you provided us guidance making sure the buyer stayed interested and we got our price. We appreciated that attention. The 30 day escrow was easy, helped reduce closing costs, and to keep us heading towards closing. So, Jonathans we want to thanks you for being our realtor and for helping us achieve our goal selling our home and realizing the most value from our property. You are an exceptional realtor and real estate professional and we would use your services anytime we have real estate needs!

- P.R, J.R. & P. K. Buena Park, Ca.

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