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30 Ways We Take Care of Your Property

Administrative Management

1. Review and enforce all leases.
2. Communicate regularly with tenants to maintain good landlord-tenant relations.
3. Regularly communicate with property owners to review all facets of the property.
4. Maintain current and complete lease files.
5. Coordinate and assist incoming and outgoing tenants.
6. Make available a 24-hour emergency answering service for tenant convenience and
expedite necessary action to preserve the property.
7. Recommend proper insurance coverage.
8. Institute and follow through, at owner’s expense, any legal action needed regarding tenant
eviction, recovery of premises, and sums due owner.
9. Settle any dispute that could affect the property, its operation or profit.
10. Negotiate contracts.
11. If your property is a shopping center, we represent you in the Merchant’s Association.

Fiscal Management

12. Prepare the budget.
13. Provide detailed monthly income and expense reports.
14. Review, approve and pay all financial obligations in a timely manner.
15. Review all contracts, evaluate effectiveness of product/service and financial impact.
16. Collect rents and extra charges.
17. Expedite the collection of delinquent receivables.
18. Open and maintain a trust account in the name of the property or owner.
19. Monitor leases for rental adjustments.
20. Reconcile, bill and collect building operating and triple net expenses.


21. Make regular on-site visits to inspect, authorize and supervise repairs and maintenance
to the property.
22. Obtain competitive bids and negotiate contracts for goods and services.
23. Ensure contractor fulfillment of duties, obligations and responsibilities.
24. Closely supervise maintenance and repair functions.

Additional Services Offered

25. Efficient economical improvement organization and supervision.
26. Market surveys.
27. Negotiation of lease renewals.
28. Marketing property for lease and/or sale.
29. Tenant screening.
30. Property Rehab.

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